If you are considering the purchase of a FLAT PANEL DIGITAL IMAGING SYSTEM WITHOUT MOTION before December 31st just to take advantage of the tax deduction for 2013, I would urge you not to make that purchase. 

However, If MOTION does fit your business plan, THEN DON"T WAIT – BUY TODAY.  A2D2 Motion X-Ray systems will continue to be the top choice for doctors who are active in the injury market.

Here's what's up: 
Within the next 90 days some very important flat panel product improvements will be introduced. These new options will offer price, performance and useable life features that will be more valuable than any tax deduction, and that tax deduction can still be taken in 2014.

Cesium Iodine and Gadox Flat Panels are coming that offer film speed comparisons of 600 and 500, verses the current 250-300 speed systems, and at CR pricing. This means CR at 250-300 speed is potentially a dead technology.

DO NOT buy CR for any application. ​
Please call anytime to discuss these products and all issues facing our digital future. 

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