Can your X-Ray system do Motion Studies? Performed on a Conventional Diagnostic X-Ray Machine?




The A2D2 1713 Line of imagers is now capable of performing Motion Studies with the ease of a flip of a (software) switch.

Images are recorded at 30 Frames per second with frame resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This is more or less equal to shooting videos on a conventional hi-definition video camera.

It appears that motion studies are covered by the general CPT code 76120 however: “ ——– where the CPT coding conventions contained within the CPT manual are applied, as is demonstrated in the discussion portion of this analysis below, CPT 76496 is the only code that correctly describes the Fluoroscopic/Digital Motion X-Ray procedure performed.”

The preceding quotation has been added to offer insight into the variances in CPT codes and their uses. Digital motion studies must utilize a screen that fluoresces, a digital system that records motion and a playback system that allows observation and/or manipulation of motion studies. The A2D2 line of Model 1713 systems deliver all of these functions, in conjunction with your conventional X-Ray machine, and correctly fills the quoted description.

Inquire as to how these studies can be performed in your A2D2 system.

What is required to perform motion studies?
A recently purchased A2D2 Model 1713 digital X-ray system, an existing X-ray machine, (high-frequency preferred), and a motion X-ray software module. Studies benefit from non-grid image acquisition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A2D2 is not experienced in CPT coding or the procedures involved, it is strongly recommended that each clinic investigate this matter in regards to their own situation to ensure that only codes that are approved for the practice are used.