Upgrade your existing X-CEL X-Ray system with our RetroFit package.

X-CEL Models: MB-700 AC, P700 AC, LB700 AC, AP75, P75, P75D



A2D2 Model 128i and s


Model 128S (Shown with X-CEL 700AC, not Included) Model 128I (Shown with X-CEL P700, not included)
$16,900 After ADA Tax Credit, + Shipping & Installation $11,900 After ADA Tax Credit, + Shipping & Installation
21 Mega Pixel CMOS 18 Mega Pixel CMOS
Poser Size 36 x 29 with 15 x 17 Transition Area Poser Size 31 x 28 with 12 x 13 inch Transition Area
No Lateral Shot Foot Risers Needed Left and Right 1¼ Inch Lateral Shot Foot Risers
Detector Size 14½ by 13 by 6¼ Detector Size 16¼ by 14 x 7
Detector Weight 20 Pounds Detector Weight 24.6 Pounds
Heavy Duty Large Hand Rail Two Single Hand Rail
Computer 1 Terabyte Data Storage Computer 500 Meg Data Storage


*With hundreds of installations this digital Podiatry System can be the perfect solution for the budget conscious. The unit is a complete turnkey direct to computer system.

*The user-friendly software interface makes taking images a snap.

*The adjustable brightness and contrast feature makes almost any under or over-exposed image easily readable.

*The toolkit offers a host of measurement tools while text and number annotations are accomplished by a simple point and click operation.

*The unit is DICOM compliant and your staff will be trained and reading x-ray images the same day as the installation.

*Most offices will see their costs go down and their revenues go up as well as being environmentally friendly (GREEN).


  1. CMOS technology that never needs calibration. No annual service.
  2. Lifetime software upgrades direct from A2D2 at no additional charge, we own the software no 3rd party software.
  3. Delivers outstanding   COLOR   or black and white x-ray images to computer screen in 7 seconds.
  4. 18 or 21 mega-pixel RAW Data resolution (4024×3016 true pixels) 8" x 12" FOView
  5. $5000.00 tax credit http://www.ada.gov/taxcred.htm <http://www.ada.gov/taxcred.htm>
  6. EMR ready with free connectivity software, DICOM compliant PACS included. TRAKnet, SAMMY, eClinicalWorks ready.
  7. Allows the computer to correct over/under exposed images for fewer exposures.
  8. Extensive Diagnostic Toolkit Including: https://addissystem.com/annotation/ <https://addissystem.com/annotation/>  for Text and Number Annotations, Angle and Distance Measurements, Plus Many More Tools
  9. Converts DICOM and High-Quality JPEG Images for Excellent Printing, Sharing and Sending.
  10. Additional, Bone Density Study and Virtual Motion Studies not found in other systems
  11. Compacts system size fits in small space and Imager is portable.
  12. Portability, take x-rays with the same A2D2 imager unit at multiple locations
  13. Convenient 3” High Step for Handicap Access
  14. Eliminates: EPA concerns, waste material, cassette handling, scanner damages, developer, fixer,
    water, safelights, imprinter, densitometry, sensitometry and darkrooms.
  15. Reduces the time the patient is in the x-ray room and the time needed by your staff.
  16. FCC compliant. FDA approval number K042791.
  17. 2 year warranty with extended warranty available ($995 per year)
  18. No Change of SID

    Download a printable pdf of the Addis-Pod brochure

    No film, processors or chemistry. Say no to film jams, chemistry smells, service or cleanings, EPA or MWRA permits, waste removal costs and daily Densitometry and Sensitometry tests.