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  1. Khamar December 18, 2015 at 10:37 pm #

    Hi Linda, I’m glad you liked my bunion exiplnataon article. To answer your questions in order Yes, your podiatrist (I guess orthopedist in Great Britain) can straighten your second toe at the same time as your bunion and it does not add any time to your recovery. Recovery will be the same for bunion alone versus bunion and hammertoe correction.When people have just a minor amount of pain it’s hard to say when they should have foot surgery. On one hand, it is good to get it done before there is too much arthritis and it makes the surgery more difficult, but on the other hand, there is no rush to have surgery because the arthritis progresses very slowly. Having foot surgery too young often leads to having to repeat the surgery in the future so the main decision is whether the patient is in pain or not. No pain, I say don’t do surgery usually unless fitting shoes is an issue. Some pain, then it depends on each individual case of how bad the deformity is. Sometimes it’s a very hard call to make. As for returning to stilleto heels, that’s even a harder question w/o seeing and examining you. Ill just tell you my experience. Many patients do return to high heel shoes after foot surgery. Some tell me that they have less pain in heels than they had prior to surgery. Some say that they cannot wear the heels for long periods of time without pain, but that was the case before surgery too. Heels by themselves do not cause bunions, but in the person that is genetically predisposed to have bunions, high heels lead to a faster progression of the bunion. I hope this all helps. Dr. S.

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